Diversity and Inclusion

Move the needle on diversity! Equip your students, faculty or employees with the necessary tools to effect change. Topics include:

Scientific workforce diversity

Diversity in medicine/STEM

Improving organizational climate

Unconscious bias


Imposter Syndrome

The Power of Mentorship

Widely ranging needs at different stages of a career are not likely to be met by a single mentor. Dr. Lambert uses storytelling, case studies, and the latest research to illustrate the power of mentorship, and how your audience can instill effective mentorship in their everyday lives. 

Strategies for Achieving Success

Help your students or trainees discover their passion and chart their future. Whether in STEM, medicine or higher education in general, Dr. Lambert provides keys that will take your audience from adversity to triumph. 

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W. Marcus Lambert, PhD

Scientist. Educator. Speaker.

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“There’s nothing that brings me more happiness than having the chance to mentor students about the opportunities within science and medicine.” Learn more...

“The creation of a diverse biomedical workforce will require active interventions aimed at preventing the loss of talent at each level of educational advancement. I study exactly why these work or fail.” Learn more...

“Diversity, by itself, is not enough. We must ensure that we are inclusive of those diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Diversity refers to representation, but inclusion is about involvement.” Learn more...

"His passion centers on shaping tomorrow's leaders through mentorship, diversity and sharing his knowledge. [Dr. Lambert] contributes to an intellectually stimulating and socially invigorating environment for all students."

-Interim Director, Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives, Cornell University